Monday, October 12, 2009

Run, don't walk!

That is what I did today. 1.25 miles ran which, let me tell you is impressive since I have not been able to run since my youngest was a baby, and that was nearly 10 years ago.

I used to have a gym membership. Working out is important to me. People who exercise are healthier and lower their risk of heart disease. People who exercise are happier and lower their risk of depression. People who exercise sleep better. I have a history of depression, insomnia and my dad's side is heavy set. Exercise is not an option.

I was paying $56 a month for a family YMCA membership. That is $672 a year. I dropped that and just got one youth membership for $11 a month for the swimmer in the family, or $132 a year. That is a difference of $540. We bought a home gym and a treadmill for about $1500. In slightly less than 3 years, it will pay for itself in comparison, assuming the YMCA rates stay the same. We could have bought used, but I wanted high quality equipment I would actually use and not something that would just sit in my house. A big chunk of it has paid for itself already especially considering I drop the kid's membership during the summer and start it back up for swim season. It's only another $44 but that adds up.

I probably should have used that money toward my house or savings, but the long term health benefits of exercise are more important to me. I live in an area where outside exercise is difficult enough in the summer, but impossible in the winter. I feel justified with the expense.

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