Saturday, October 10, 2009

The roofing project breakdown

My husband, the hero of the day managed to get half the roof scraped and cleared, and about 30% of the total shingles on today. Not bad. He had some help from his dad and brother, but I tell you, when that man gets a project on his mind, he moves like a freight train. Nobody keeps up with him.

Overall, so far so good. The budget for this project was $2000.

62 bundles of 3 tab fiberglass shingles - $975.88
3 50' rolls Weather Watch underlayment (need along eaves to make code) - $200.97
5 rolls of 15 lb roofing felt - $99.50
3 boxes 1 1/4 inch coil nailer roofing nails 7200 ct - $80.94
16 10' sections aluminum drip edge - $55.68
1 staple gun - $36.99
2 rolls 14" x 10' aluminum flashing - $17.44
2 square roof vents - $11.92
1 box 5000 ct 1/2" staples - $9.97
3 pair gloves - $5.91
Tax for above items - $99.77
1 trip to the dump - $20

Grand total - $1614.97

Well under budget! That is the good news. Here is the bad news.

We need still more drip edge, another roll of ice guard, which will give us enough for the roof valleys as well, another 2-3 rolls of roofing felt and one more trip to the dump. I am hoping the measurements were close enough that the shingles were right. So far we are looking at another $216 or so. The good news is, that is still under budget. I might be able to pull some gutters out of this deal.

The dump trip was by far the best surprise. I was expecting to spend much more on disposal. It's a drive but to dump locally would have been about $75. We spent maybe $10 in gas, and the $20 at the dump. We are still way ahead.

Tomorrow is another long day, but it is looking good so far.

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