Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A few product reviews

I got thinking of this when I was in the shower today.

Review 1: The Fusion razor. The blades are ridiculously expensive. They also last a ridiculously long time. They come out cheaper than the disposables and better for the environment. $8 for 4 blades, and that will last me 8-10 months.

Review 2: Salon Care shampoo, purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply for $10 for a gallon. It is a concentrate but while it claimes it can be mixed 1:8, I would not go more than 1:2 unless you can wash your hair with slightly bubble water. In either case, 2 gallons for $10 is a great deal, and the wild cherry smells soooo good.

Review 3: Cure Care Conditioner, purchased at Sally's for $5. It is not a concentrate, and it smells funky but it works better than any other conditioner I have ever used. My hair is soft and tangle free, and $5 for a gallon is a great deal.

I am also planning on adding what my girls are doing as far as school goes just because it's another way of keeping track of it that is more easily searched than their binders.

**Kid 1: ordered pairs in graphing, Kid 2: Addition of fractions. Both: German with rosetta stone**


  1. Thanks for the product review! I'll add this over to my HBA shopping list if it's seriously going to save me money AND it works.

    I can't tell you what my heathens are doing right now other than one made honor roll, one is progressing nicely, and one thinks any class outside of band superfluous.

  2. Hell, that is half the reason we are just finally really getting into school. They spent the last two years at the public school and I had one take it very seriously and was a straight A student, and the other who is smart enough but lazy and if it doesn't cater to her interests, she doesn't try. That makes it really difficult to guage where they are at and I started the "school year" with all the wrong stuff.