Monday, October 5, 2009

Price vs. quality, part 2

Ohhhh, I should have known that the first post on this subject would come back to bite me. I forgot to add a little important piece of information. Buying quality is cheaper than buying cheap in the long run, assuming you have the money to buy quality to begin with.

We have been inspected. We have until 11/02/09 to put a new roof on our residence or they can, and will drop our home insurance.

Now we knew the roof was bad. We actually had a plan and a budget to replace it next spring. We were going to go with a steel roof. Why steel? They last forever, they are hail, fire, rain, etc resistant, and the insulation properties rock. The problem is that steel is more expensive than fiberglass shingles. It was all price vs. quality. However, with the new deadline, guess who is going to end up going with price? We are about to end up with 25 year fiberglass shingles. No energy star rating. Definitely not going to last forever. It breaks my heart just a little.

I am also not about to spend $1500-2000 now and then redo it in steel in the spring. I can't afford the double blow, nor am I prepared to waste materials like that.

So there you have it. I concede. Sometimes price makes a huge difference.


  1. My dh, who has worked as a roofer briefly, wanted meto point out something.He said that steel is far easier to instal and that fiberglass is easy to screw up. If you are going with the cheap option make sure you have a damn good contractor.

    Little Dem

  2. I feel for you. ((hugs)) or something else equally disturbing, but well meaning.

    Is there anyway you can get an extension?

  3. Home repairs always seem to happen to us that way to -- we have a plan and then either have to speed it up or another problem crops up and we have to put off one of the large projets.