Saturday, January 2, 2010

Real snow cones

Years ago my inlaws bought me a snow cone maker for Christmas. Now it was a nice gesture and we used it once or twice but for the most part it just took up a ton of space for little reward.

One thing I love though is real snow cones, made of course, with real snow. With snow falling all over the country right now, I figured I would share a super simple, super cheap recipe for real snow cones. Kids love this.

The main ingredient of course is fresh, CLEAN snow. I say clean because with two dogs we have to be very careful where we get our snow. I like getting the top layer off the deck rails. I leave a layer so we don't actually make it all the way down to the wood, but we end up with a good amount of fluffy snow.

I then take Kool-aid mix (or knock off, more likely) and mix it with only half the required water to make more of a syrup. Dump over snow and enjoy. Winter is a bit cold for a frosty treat but the novelty will entertain kids like nothing else.

Why no pictures? Because despite living in one of the snowier states, this year we haven't had enough to enjoy, so hopefully we will have our annual treat later this winter.

Now as to pictures I do have, for project 365 today I have a couple of pictures. My mom and stepdad used to drive a truck, and the few days a month they were home they stayed in the heated office in our garage/barn. It really is a nice enough room and they had access to the house for kitchen/bathroom. They recently moved their stuff out and we moved the workout equipment out to that room. Today I went through and did a thorough cleaning and got everything organized. So far I have kept to my resolution and worked out daily.

And a picture of my husband goofing around on the ab lounger. He is my workout partner :)

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