Monday, January 11, 2010

Dogs belong inside

I will never ever ever understand the point of buying or adopting a dog only to keep it chained outside or locked in an outdoor kennel.

1. Dogs get hot and cold too. Wild dogs travel in packs and keep each other warm. They can find adequate shade and shelter when it is hot or rainy. You would let your children come inside if they were cold. Let the damn dog in.

2. Dogs are pack animals. Having one, or even two dogs chained outside is completely against their nature. I don't recommend having a pack of dogs. Instead, make them a part of your pack. They want love, affection, an order.

3. Dogs chained outside for hours tend to knock over food and water dishes. You try sitting outside in 90 degree heat after knocking over your Dasani bottle and not go in for a new one.

This issue is a huge huge pet peeve of mine. I can't believe how many people find it acceptable. I know people in real life who do this. I know people on message boards who do this. In every state we have been in, there is always at least one asshole neglecting his poor dog.

And let me add that if you cannot afford to spay/neuter, treat for fleas/worms/heartworm, and keep them up to date on their shots (everyone has an oops, missed the deadline moment, but I am talking never bothered) then you have no business having a pet. It's a responsibility.

Project 365: My pampered baby likes to lay in front of MY heater I brought in to warm me up and steal all the heat.

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