Monday, November 29, 2010

Personalized Christmas ornaments on a budget

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My holiday ornaments are in terrible shape. I have been using the same ones my entire adult life. They are scuffed and sad looking thanks to curious toddler hands and climbing kittens and gigantic dog tails. New ornaments are not the cheapest things in the world. To get a deal you really have to buy the same old colored glass balls.

Instead of having a tree that looks just like everyone else's, I have decided to make all ornaments that go on my tree. I figured I would share the finished product here along with a cost breakdown. I didn't think about it today, or I would have done a step by step photo series, but I can do that with tomorrow's project.

Today's project is snowman ornaments.

Materials for one dozen:

One dozen plain white or silver ornaments. I bought the shatter proof type specifically meant for making ornaments at Hobby Lobby. They come one dozen to a package for $4.99, but I got them for 50% off so a dozen ornaments for $2.50
Black acrylic paint - $1.49 per bottle, a few drops used so maybe $.05 worth of paint
Orange acrylic - $1.49 per bottle and the same amount and breakdown as the black at $.05
Black felt - $.50 per sheet, 1/2 a sheet used so $.25
Pompoms - $2.99 per bag, half off, so $1.50 per bag. I used 1/4 of the bag so about $.37 total
Glue gun - I don't have one anymore so a new one ran $2.77 I am not going to count it toward the price though because I will use it for many things
Glue stick - $3.49 for 20. I used one for a total of about $.17

Total cost for 12 ornaments - $3.39 or $.28 per ornament.

Not only is the cost per ornament low, but it is easy enough for kids to help with making an ideal gift for family, friends and teachers.


Using black paint, paint 2 black eyes and a dotted (coal) mouth on each ornament. Follow with the orange paint to make a carrot shaped nose.

Cut the black felt into thin strips, and hot glue on top to make the band for the earmuffs

Cut a tiny patch off each pompom to flatten it out, then use hot glue to secure to each side to make the muffs.

The results are fast, easy and super cute :)

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  1. My kids did something like that as a craft in kindergarten. Those with small children could leave the ornament silver and let the children put their fingers in white paint and grasp from the bottom. Makes cute little snowman with the black paint dotted on for eyes and orange for a carrot nose.