Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Using kids in political agenda is crap you stupid news commenters

If you google marine+son+walk you will come up with 5 pages of hits to a viral video that has made its way to every news show across the nation. It's that heartwarming moment when young Michael Cooney walks to his dad for the very first time as a post deployment surprise. It has been shared on Facebook, shown on tv, and talked about on message boards.

Michael Cooney is my nephew. I have been watching this craziness unfold over the past several days and I am still a little wowed that the video went viral that quickly. The youtube video was put up when he got home in December, so it took a little while for news stations to catch it, but when they did, HOLY CRAP.

Have you ever watched something happen and just sat there all WTF??

I love my sister and Michael kicks ass. He is the 2nd youngest kid in the family, and we have all been watching (most of us from a distance as they live across the country) his development and rooting for him. We are extremely proud of his accomplishments. My sister has had her hands full between Michael's needs and Alyssa's needs. Alyssa was severely burned in an accident as a baby, so that poor girl is in and out of the hospital for surgeries as often as Michael is. She is a smart, kickass little honey badger :) I love that kid.

I am getting off topic though.

I am glad that my nephew is getting recognition for his spirit and determination. The cynic in me however is bothered by the whoring a moment like this for ratings by these corporate bigwigs. I guess if it doesn't bother my sister, it shouldn't bother me. I just hate to see their family turned into a side show. While the reaction is 90% positive, there is that 10% out there who are just nasty and hateful and I feel this need to shelter their family from the bitterness that people seem to have no problem flinging out there. That is not my job. The older sister in me however, doesn't exactly shut off.

It's been interesting either way. Melissa, if you read this, hug Michael for me and know that I love you guys <3 I bet you never imagined how fast this crap would take off. You guys looked good on TV, even if I did have to watch *gag* fox news in order to see you.

For the rest of the world, this post is mostly inane rambling. For you 10%, shut your freaking mouth. This story is not political, so I don't want to hear one damn word for or against Obama using this kid. This story is not religious. God is not punishing my sister or her son because her husband is in the military. If you want to argue as a pro-God miracle, that is your prerogative. Don't use it to make a point. This story has nothing to do with war, for or against. This is a story about one little boy who worked his ass off to become mobile, and my sappy sister ;) saving it as a surprise. That is cool. That is awesome. It doesn't need any bigger meaning than that.

Even last summer before he could walk, he was not one to be slowed down. That kid is not interested in being left out of the fun <3

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